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Painting Curb Commercial and Residential


In your parking lot, diagonal lines, words, and logos indicating special parking spaces such as reserved spots for residents, guests, and police must be easily visible. In addition, it’s imperative that EMS services are able to find the right address during an emergency call, day or night.

Bulk Pricing for HOA's 


How Much does it cost to stripe a parking lot

  • Number of parking stalls: ($4-$5 each)

  • Number of handicapped stalls: ($25-$30 each)

  • Number of directional arrows: ($15-$20 each)

  • Angle of parking stalls: (90° angle is higher cost due to longer lines)

  • New layout or re-stripe: (Add 20-30% to job cost for new layout)

  • Word Stencils, i.e. NO PARKING, etc: ($3-$5 per letter)

  • Pedestrian Crosswalks: ($50-$75 each)

  • Fire Lanes: ($40-$75)

  • Curb Painting: ($1 per linear foot)

  • Mobilization Costs: $250-$350

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